A general purpose, blazing fast, and minimal programming language by Google. I've been working with go since May of 2020. It isn't my favorite language but I'm very comfortable and experienced writing it. From APIs to CLIs I can always rely on go for getting the job done.


High-level and fast systems programming language for the modern software developer. It's currently my favorite language to write. The memory safety, speed, modern syntax, and amazing community make me believe it is a programming language for the future.


JavaScript, and its superset called TypeScript, are JIT programming languages for modern UI applications. It's an essential part of this website and other websites I've worked on over the past year. I've also used it for writing extensions for applications like vscode and raycast.


High-level, JIT language for quick scripts with english-like syntax. It was my first language and is great for beginners. As I've grown as a developer I've discovered other languages that help me write better applications. I still use python from time to time but mainly for writing scripts.


GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It allows the application to request exactly what it wants from the server. I've both consumed and developed GraphQL APIs. I love its the approach to data fetching.


Used to package programs into isolated environments called containers. Since learning docker in 2019 I've used it on everything from personal applications to large enterprise applications as a Cloud Automation intern.


Powerful markup language used for writing research papers and mathematics programmatically. Over the last few years I've developed a number of tools and packages to customize/automate the process of writing LaTeX documents.